Wireless technology between research and development

CUBIT-Consortium Ubiquitous Technologies is a research laboratory specialising in wireless technologies applied to “Internet of things” for Smart Cities, involved in numerous regional, national and European research projects in this area. Cubit has a strong experience in RFID and NFC technologies and is part of Calypso Network Association. It is the Tuscany competence centre in IoT and is the only qualified Italian laboratory for certification of RFID-based systems. Cubit has positioned itself in the IoT market thanks to the creation of new highly innovative technical products, services and standards, creating a complete, modular and scalable offer aimed at different markets and sectors.

  • Apiary monitoring
    Realization date: February 2014 Client: Apicoltura Giacomo Del Grande Place: Lucca Project title: Apiary Remote
    Pilot project APA network
    APA pilot project Partner: ISTECH, WITECH Realization date: from 2012 up today Installation place: ROME
    Case Histories
    Cubit achievements within Smart City and Wireless Sensor Networks
    Domotics / Smart Metering
    Domotics for remote control of the house and metering Domotics Domotics CUBIT has developed several solutions within IoT (Internet of Things) applied to domotics, to remote control of rooms and
    What is that? FluctuS is an open hardware and open software platform to implement and
    Green Light Networks
    What is that? Green Light Networks is an intelligent lighting system with very low power
  • Hardware and firmware design
    A complete service that follows the client from the feasibility study to the realisation of
    RFID Contactless Systems
    The technology for secure electronic payments. RFID Contactless Systems   StickID Stick ID is an HF RFID reader to read smart cards of type A and B. Stick ID can
    Research and development
    New technologies based on wireless sensor networks and RFID systems at the service of companies. CUBIT conducts research and development activities of new technologies based on wireless sensor networks and
    Funded projects
    Cubit is the ideal partner for consulting and developing regional, national and European funded projects.
    Smart City
    New technologies for the Smart City, the city of the future. Mobility RFID UHF Gate
  • Testing and certification
    Equipment and an anechoic chamber for testing and measuring. Testing and Certification activities are based
    Wireless Sensor Networks
    Wireless Sensor Networks   FluctuS FluctuS is an open hardware and open software platform to

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