Funded Research

Cubit is the ideal partner for consulting and developing regional, national and European funded projects.

CUBIT, in its role as coordinator of offers, partner or subcontractor, carries out research and innovation activities for regional, national and European funded projects. CUBIT works together with its own network of research bodies and companies with a high level of technological innovation. Over the years CUBIT has developed a solid know-how on funded projects for RFID, Wireless and IoT technologies in general, applied to Smart City, Infomobility, Smart Metering, Smart Grids, E-Health, Automotive, and so on. CUBIT can supply specialised support to members, partners and clients alike:

  • To identify and examine calls for funding for projects of research and innovation;
  • To compile participation dossiers and to write project proposals;
  • To find and choose skilled individuals in order to create partnerships for regional, national and international proposals;
  • To manage those activities that cover the entire life cycle of funded projects.

Learn more about ongoing Cubit Research and Innovation projects.

CUBIT. C​ubus project, co-financed under Tuscany POR FESR 2014-2020