Supercalcolo – HPC

The CCFD of Cubit uses high level workstations and a computing environment, completely dedicated to the group, with high-performance computing (HPC) and to the top of the available technologies, thanks to quick interconnection and low latency networks (InfiniBand DDR and QDR), thus providing support to research through supercomputing and its applications.

In the last decade the performance of this type of calculation have continuously improved and at present it is possible to make large CFD analysis moles in a short time.

The CCFD also offers advanced services of Utility Computing, which  are increasingly required by companies, to support Grid Computing, maximizing the efficiency and/or minimizing the costs.

Computational Resources

3 Dedicated parallel Cluster for the CFD evaluations

  • 96 cores 192 Gb RAM
  • Intel based 1024 cores cluster (~16 Tflops)
    2 GB Ram/Core
    Infiniband DDR fast network (20 Gb/sec)
  • Intel based 1216 cores cluster (~24Tflops)
    3 GB Ram/Core
    Infiniband DDR fast network (40 Gb/sec)
  • Workstations with 96 e 256 Gb di RAM for the grids generation

External Services

  • Rental of computing resources and infrastructure management
  • Complete rental more Clusters
  • Installation of specific software required by the Customer
  • User interface support / customer-Clusters

CUBIT. C​ubus project, co-financed under Tuscany POR FESR 2014-2020