Creation of RFID UHF access gates in LTZ areas

Realization date: 2012
Technological partner: Kiunsys
Client: Municipality of Verona
Place: Verona

Project description:
Creation of 28 RFID UHF outdoor gates for identification of vehicles in transit

The innovative project of city logistics aimed at the realization and supply of a system of management and control of freight traffic in the LTZ areas based on RFID technology.
The project was commissioned by Project Automation – leader of telemetry, supervision and control systems- to Kiunsys, an associated company of Cubit.
The new system of UHF RFID gate has been joined to the already existing LTZ system. The two systems are independent, each specific to its functionality: the 28 RFID UHF gates installed at each entrance and exit of the LTZ, allow measuring accurately the time spent within the area of all vehicles loading and unloading goods.
Overall, the project, approved by the Authority for the Protection of Personal Data, provides:

  • tag monitoring based on passive RFID UHF input and output technology
  • communication with the Monitoring management centre
  • local operator interface for maintenance interventions
  • remote diagnosis of malfunctions
  • System utilities: calibration RFID subsystem, etc.


CUBIT. C​ubus project, co-financed under Tuscany POR FESR 2014-2020