The leading Centre for the research, development and training in telecommunications technologies.

Cubit CUBIT – Consortium Ubiquitous Technologies – Limited Liability Consortium Company, was founded in April 2007 as the brainchild of the Department of Information Engineering of the University of Pisa, of Polo Navacchio S.p.A. and a number of highly innovative companies throughout the country in order to create a new model of collaboration in order to weave together the various sectors of telecommunications.

The peculiar nature of CUBIT (being both an SME and a Research Organisation) and its rich shareholding structure, allows the successful application of cutting-edge scientific research to keep pace with the constant evolution of market demand. The result is the creation of new and highly innovative technical products, services and standards, coming from the constant R&D and technological transfer activities carried out  in collaboration with various  research institutions and companies, both national and international.

Being a cluster of highly innovative companies and research centres, CUBIT offers a unique range of diverse and highly specialized know-how, for a win-win model of technological transferCUBIT activities can be divided in 4 macro-areas:

  • Hardware and Firmware Design + Testing and Certification, developed by the Wireless&IoT Innovation Lab, within the sectors of Internet of Things, WSN (Wireless Sensor Networks) and wireless technologies;
  • Fluid Dynamics with the  Fluid Dynamics Competence Center, created in collaboration with the Aerodynamics Group of the Department of  Civil and Industrial Engineering of the University of Pisa;
  • Green IT&Cloud Computing, whose activities in the field of Design and Management of complex Informative Infrastructures are carried out by the Internet Innovation Competence Center of CUBIT;
  • Funded Research, thanks to the solid competences of Cubit within the scope of funded research, Regional, National and European. Cubit role varies from coordinator, partner or subcontractor, working in collaboration with its network of reearch institutions and highly innovative companies.

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CUBIT. C​ubus project, co-financed under Tuscany POR FESR 2014-2020