Experience in optimization procedures

  • Minimize objective: Torque reduction 13%
  • Study of the performance in the presence of the free surface between air and water
  • Optimization performed with respect to technological constraints

  • Fluid dynamics optimization of the foil of a catamaran AC72 class
  • Objective: maximizing VMG (Velocity Made Good)
  • Fluid-structure interaction

  • Optimization of the wing in planform for a catamaran of the America’s Cup
  • Optimization of wing twist
  • Study the influence of the two features on OVERTURNING MOMENT

  • Study of the fluid dynamics optimization project for the keel of a sailboat
  • Objective functions: minimizing the drag coefficient in the downwind and upwind.
  • Decrease of the objective function from the initial geometry up to optimized by 12.9%

  • Statistical Analysis of the Performance of a torpedo, to varying of the boundary conditions
  • Creating response surface based on the results obtained
  • Study of the initial population generation algorithms for the development of statistics

  • CFD analysis taking into account the transition from laminar flow to turbulent one
  • Optimization of 2D and 3D fluid dynamics rudder and keel of a boat Finn class, in compliance with regulatory constraints
  • Objective function: minimization of the resistance in two operating conditions characterized by different value of lift generated

  • Reducing the resistance of a careened cylinder
  • Using parametric curves
  • Comparing numerical results with theoretical results

  • Analysis of Morphing Tools
  • Optimization of the geometrical details
  • Aerodynamic analysis of a car through the use of Morphing

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