Experiences in the Marine Sector

  • Boundary layer interaction between different elements present in the object analyzed
  • Study of the Velocity Magnitude Trend
  • Comparison between experimental and numerical results

  • Flow on the sails
  • Flow on the sails with gust
  • Aeroelastic analysis

  • Flow around the hull with free surface
  • Wave heigh with different configuration of hull
  • Compararison between experimental and numerical results

  • 6 DOF High Speed Catamaran in rough sea
  • Analysis of performance during acceleration
  • Performance study in phase of sudden stop

  • Detailed analysis of wind effects on a ship
  • 6 DOF motion
  • Configurations analyzed to vary the angle of attack

  • Several case of surface and immersed bodies and conditions.
  • Evaluation of steady forces on Torpedos
  • Evaluation of added mass matrix on Torpedos

  • Definition of the characteristic curves of propellers
  • Naval Propeller CFD Analysis
  • Study of Cavitation Phenomena

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