Experiences in the Aeronautics Sector

  • 2D Analysis
  • Study of the aerodynamic characteristics of the Airfoils
  • Simulation with transition from laminar to turbulent flow

  • Mini UAV development
  • Helicopter rotors flow analysis
  • Carrying out of simulator of the control automatic hovering flight of the UAV

  • Compressor Diffuser rotating Stall
  • Non-steady CFD evaluation
  • Study of the vortex phenomena

  • Analysis of heat exchanges at different Temperatures
  • Study of different physics models
  • Comparison between experimental and numerical results

  • External Flow on complete configuration
  • Transonic Flow
  • Flow for carbon lamination cooling system

  • Performance of the air intake with field evaluation in the stator
  • Comparison of performance at different Mach numbers
  • Comparison of the results with different cells number of computational grids

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