Experiences in the Automotive Sector

  • Flow around the entire car (external and internal)
  • Performance study overtaking
  • Thermal Comfort of the passengers

  • Flow in the injectors
  • Comparison of the results with different turbulence models
  • Study of performance in the presence of gust

  • Aerodynamic research of a scooter
  • Comparison of CFD results with Experimental ones
  • CFD analysis of the effects of a geometry modification, in order to highlight its potentiality

  • Aero-acoustic analysis
  • Comparison between numerical and experimental results
  • Brake cooling

  • Raining simulation
  • Flow in the intakes
  • Study of the collection systems

  • Use of the CFD for the analysis of the exhausts trajectory
  • Study of radiators ducts
  • Detailed Analysis of the flow around the mirror

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