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R&I PROJECTS – Direct UE Funding

Project ‘Exploiting Ubiquitous Computing, Mobile Computing and the Internet of Things to promote Science Education’(UMI-Sci.Ed)
Call H2020-SEAC-2015-1
Duration: 06.01.2016 – 05.31.2019
Total Budget: 1.794.187,50€

Funded projects UMI-Sci-Ed project will investigate the introduction of UMI technologies (Ubiquitous Computing, Mobile Computing, and the Internet of Things) in education, by putting these technologies in practice in order to enhance the level of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education young girls and boys are receiving and at the same time make attractive the prospect of pursuing a career in domains pervaded by UMI.

UMI-Sci-Ed partners: Instituto Technologias Ypologistonkai Ekdoseon Diofantos – Coordinator (Greece), Cork Institute of Technology (Ireland),Consortium Ubiquitous Technologies – CUBIT Scarl (Italy), Helsingin Yliopisto (Finland), University of Pisa (Italy), Telecentre-Europe AISBL (Belgium).

Project ‘Political and sOcial awareness on Water EnviRonmental challenges (POWER)  
Call H2020-ICT10c-2015
CUBIT Role: Partner
Duration: 12.01.2015 – 11.30.2019
Total Budget: 3.747.937,50€

Funded projects

The Project will set up a user-driven Digital Social Platform (DSP) for the expansion and governance of POWER existing water networks.
POWER is an EIP-related project pioneering the DSP approach to share the knowledge and experience of water scarcity, security, quality and water consumption-related issues in different EU local authorities, thus creating an important tool for EU water policy.

POWER Consortium comprises a total of 12 Partners, including 4 research institutions dealing with environmental, social and governance issues, 2 innovation SMEs, 2 European organisations, 4 Key Demonstration Cities: De Montfort University – Coordinator (United Kingdom), Consortium Ubiquitous Technologies – CUBIT Scarl (Italy), Fundacio CTM Centre Tecnològic CTM (Spain), KWR Water B.V. (The Netherlands), European Institute for Participatory Media EV (Germany), Climate Alliance – Klima Buendnis – Alianza del Clima EV (Germany), Universiteit  Utrecht (The Netherlands), Leicester City Council (United Kingdom), Aggregate Formula Lda – Baseform (Portugal), Hagihon Company Ltd – Jerusalem Region Water Utility (Israel), Milton Keynes Council (United Kingdom), Companyia d’aigues de Sabadell SA (Spain).
POWER project is supported by over 50 “EIP Water – City Blueprint” and “Netwerc H2O” follower cities.

Project ChiplEss MultisEnsor Rfid for GrEen NeTworks (EMERGENT)
Call H2020-MSCA-RISE-2015
Duration: 01.01.2015-12.31.2017
CUBIT Role: Partner
Total Budget:  913.500€

Funded projects EMERGENT activities focus on the intersectoral mobility dimension, based on the exchange of staff between academia and SMEs.
EMERGENT brings together six partners from three EU countries: University of Pisa – Department of Information Engineering (Pisa, Italy) – Coordinator, Universitat Rovira i Virgili (Spain), Grenoble Institute of Technology – LCIS Lab (France), Consortium Ubiquitous Technologies-CUBIT Scarl (Italy), Generation RFID SL (Spain), ARDEJE Sarl (France).
EMERGENT project aims to realize a new class of chipless RFID tags and sensors moving from conventional sensors towards next generation pervasive interconnected systems by employing environmental-friendly substrates such as paper and low-cost printing process.

Project Morocco Research Advance in ICT for Water – MoICT
Call FP7-INCO-2011-6
CUBIT Role: Partner
Duration: 12.01.2011-05.31.2014
Total budget: 492.790,56€

Funded projects The project was aimed at increasing the skills of the University Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah (USMBA) of Fez (Morocco) in the context of smart water management through ICT solutions and to ensure a strategic positioning of USMBA within the context of the European Research Area (ERA).
In the project, CUBIT carried out the: transfer of know-how and expertise, in particular on RFID technologies applied to WSN, to Moroccan researchers through on-site training cycles; the transfer of business expertise for the creation of spin-offs and development of research centre to Moroccan researchers through on-site training cycles; the technology transfer based on specific objectives of joint research carried out directly in the CUBIT laboratory hosting groups of Moroccan researchers from USMBA for periods of 5 days. MoICT partners were: Université Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah – USMBA (Morocco), Fundació CTM Centre Tecnològic (Spain), Consortium Ubiquitous Technologies – CUBIT Scarl (Italy), Redinn Srl (Italy).



NUVAP Business Plan – Smart&Start Italia
Call MISE-Invitalia: Smart&Start Italia 2015
CUBIT Role: Partner
Duration: 10.01.2015 – 09.30.2017
Total Budget: 1.042.393,31€

Funded projects

NUVAP Smart&Start Italia Project is supported by a €1.042.393,31 preferential funding granted by MISE (Ministry of Economic Development) and Invitalia. It includes the creation of an innovative technological device for indoor environmental monitoring. Such a device will detect the presence of indoor pollutants and  assess the safety and healthiness of homes and offices. It will be the first “black box” specific for the monitoring of the main indoor pollutants that can harm the health of the people over time: carbon monoxide, particulate matter, methane, air quality, electromagnetism, radon gas, noise, humidity.

Funded projects

IoT Prise Project
Bando MISE-RIDITT 2009
CUBIT Role: Partner
Duration: 2012 – 2014
Total Budget: 597.840€

Funded by the Ministerial announcement RIDITT “Program for technology transfer from the research system to SMEs and the creation of new high-tech companies”. The project was carried out by CUBIT  in partnership with the University of Pisa and CNA; its aim was the organization and consolidation of the process of assessment and transfer of research results to SMEs in the field of the Internet of Things, through integrated actions such as: analysis of skills and needs of SMEs; dissemination of knowledge and technologies; services for the management of intellectual property; accompanying various stages of business creation; aggregation of business associations and local organizations engaged in similar or complementary activities; creation of a design centre within IoT.



Project Intelligent technologies for LIVING ENVIRONMENTS (TIAMBIENTA)
POR FESR 2014-2020 – Tender notice 1 “Strategic research and development projects”, Tender RSI 2017
CUBIT role: partner
Duration: 26.09.2017 – 18.07.2020
Total project Budget: 3.405.475,31 €

The project aims to create an ecosystem of home automation services in the cloud environment via IoT devices, for living environments – camper vans, boats, furniture for collective educational areas and within production sectors relevant to the Tuscan territory – with the aim of increasing wellbeing, comfort and safety for users, as well as the monitoring of environments and products, for better management and maintenance.
TIAMBIENTA provides for the creation of a system of home automation sensors in the network, which can be installed in different environments. The sensor networks will be interconnected through a central unit capable of collecting data and sending it to the central cloud platform, introducing direct implementation policies on the control systems of the home or the living environments in which they are installed.

Project Partners: TRIGANO S.P.A. (leader), Consortium Ubiquitous Technologies-CUBIT Scarl, CO-ROBOTICS S.R.L., SPAZIO ARREDO S.R.L., University of Florence – Department of Architecture; OVERMARINE GROUP S.P.A .; STUDIO SGRO – S.R.L.

Project ‘INASSE – INdustry 4.0 AS a SErvice’ (INASSE)
POR FESR 2014-2020 – Call 1. “Strategic R&D Projects”, Tender RSI 2017
CUBIT Role: partner (SECO srl: Project Leader)
Duration: 15.1.2018 -15.3.2020
Total budget: 2.286.886,06 €

The aim of the project is to design, produce and launch an Industry 4.0 product as a service, complete with a set of embedded hardware tools, a software platform based on cloud services and Artificial Intelligence. INASSE wants to bring a complete IIoT (Industrial IoT) product to business, which integrates hardware, software, web, cloud, mobile, Artificial Intelligence (AI) Human-Machine Interaction (HMI), User Experience (UX) and connectivity “as a service”.

Project Partners: SECO Srl, Consortium Ubiquitous Technologies-CUBIT Scarl, Evidence Srl, Florence Techonologies Srl, La FDS Srl, Università di SIENA-Dipartimento di Scienze Sociali Politiche e Cognitive (DISPOC).

Project ‘ADAMo – Adaptive Digital Aerodynamics for Motorbikes’ (ADAMo)Funded projects
POR FESR 2014-2020 – Call 1. Strategic R&D Projects
CUBIT Role: Partner
Duration: 01.03.2017-28.02.2019
Total Budget: 3.992.500,00€

ADAMo plans to develop an active aerodynamic system for applications in the field of motorcycles, using either mobile, deformable or blowing surfaces. ADAM system aims at optimizing the aerodynamic configuration according to the definition of the actual operational situation and to the specific usability target selected by the user.

Project Partners: Piaggio & C. SpA, PSM Srl, R.I.CO. Srl, Telcomms Srl, Consortium Ubiquitous Technologies – CUBIT Scarl, National Institute of Nuclear Physics – INFN, University of Pisa – Department of Information Engineering.

Project ‘Development of technologies for proximity services and mobility in intelligent territories’ (SUNRISE)
ERDF programmes: POR FESR 2014-2020 – Call 1. Strategic R&D Projects
CUBIT Role: partnerFunded projects
Project duration: 04.01.2016-03.31.2018
Total budget: 3.656.301,91€

SUNRISE Project aims to deploy novel technologies dedicated to local services and mobility to overcome the actual fragmentation by providing integrated location-based services including mobile information, tourist information, smartparking, m-payment, bookings, etc and advanced marketing services (advertising, co-marketing, etc.).

Project Partners: Infogroup Scpa, Consortium Ubiquitous Technologies – CUBIT Scarl, Liberologico Srl, DATA POS Srl, PlaNet Srl, Project Srl, Leonet Srl.

Project ‘Future Internet Lamp for Multimedia and Entertainment’ (FILME)
ERDF programmes: POR FESR 2014-2020 –  Call 2. SMEs R&D Projects
CUBIT Role: partner
Project duration: 04.01.2016-09.30.2017
Total budget: 1.990.209,77€

FILME project aims to create a smart object of a hybrid design between a lamp and a low-power home device capable to light up home environments using multimedia contents. It wants to overtake the traditional function of the light and transform it in a home-assistant and infotainment furniture, ideal also for shops, hotels and spas. It will realize an innovative lighting product combined with Internet services both for business and consumers of the home-entertainment and smart home markets.

Project partners: SECO Srl, Consortium Ubiquitous Technologies – CUBIT Scarl, Nextworks Srl, Cafel Elettronica Srl, Trioplast Srl, University of Siena – Department of Social, Political and Cognitive Sciences.

‘ARA – Corporation Network Experience’ (ARACNE)
ERDF programmes: POR FESR 2014-2020 –  Call 2 for SMEs R&D Projects.
CUBIT Role: partnerFunded projects
Duration: 01.04.2016-30.09.2017
Total budget: €2.798.500,00

The primary objective of ARACNE project is the study and implementation of an innovative technological platform consisting of physiological and environmental monitoring wearable devices that send their data to a data integration platform. This platform will make the information gathered available to users of the ARACNE devices, that will display them also on a dedicated app, as well as to the public and private stakeholders.

Project Partners: Winmedical Srl, Consortium Ubiquitous Technologies – CUBIT Scarl, 3Logic MK Srl, Extra Srl, Consorzio Nazionale Interuniversitario per le Telecomunicazioni – CNIT (National Inter-University Telecommunications Consortium).

Project ‘NUVAP Multi-purpose environment quality and security system’ (NU MEQS)
ERDF programme POR FESR 2014-2020 –  Call 3. Support to Innovation of SMEs
CUBIT Role: Subcontrator
Project duration: 04.01.2016-03.31.2017
Total budget: 291.000,00€

NU MEQS project is aimed at creating an integrated system, based on NUVAP technologies for monitoring indoor environmental quality, able to integrate advanced features such as smart video-surveillance and capillary alarm systems. The project focuses on the integration of health and sa detection fety into a single, innovative “smart in-home device”, which guarantees reliable and detailed information both on the source of pollution and the detected alarm condition. The essential features that will be integrated in the project are: video-surveillance, attendance, methane leaks, fire presence, earthquakes.

Project ‘Interactive Ecommerce’ (INTECO)
ERDF programme POR FESR 2014-2020 – Call 3. Support to Innovation of SMEs
CUBIT Role: Subcontractor
Project duration: 01.04.2016-31.03.2017
Total budget: 308.502,00€

The objective of INTECO project – of SECO srl – is to develop an innovation process/organization aimed at supporting the market for a new family of products through next-generation network services: cloud, app, community platform and e-commerce. The product is UDOO – a single-board computer launched on Kickstarter, the most successful crowdfunding platform in the world, with a campaign that collected over $640,000 (compared to the intended goal of $27,000) from 4172 donors. In a very short time, UDOO has given rise to an important business, and a valuable community of developers, which has gradually introduced SECO into the increasingly prosperous market of makers. The objective of INTECO project is therefore to leverage the growing community in order to build and e-commerce dedicated to the world of makers, including also a gallery of DIY (Do It Yourself) works, a collection of support resources for developers and a place for the free exchange of experiences and codes, according to the Open Source philosophy.

Project ‘CUBIT towards Brazil and USA’ (CUBUS)
PAR FAS 2007-2013 – POR CREO FESR 2014-2020 – Call Internationalization of SMEs 2015
CUBIT Role: Single beneficiary
Project duration: 02.12.2015 – 03.02.2017
Total budget: 79.060,00€

The overall objective of CUBUS project is the realization of an internationalization program aimed at promoting the presence of a Tuscan business cluster (formed by CUBIT members) in two high-growth markets for the ICT sector: Brazil and USA. The project aims at enhancing the experiences that CUBIT has made since its establishment, being a network of connected businesses in the telecommunications sector. In particular, CUBUS project intends to stabilise the presence of CUBIT in two foreign countries, allowing to overcome the size limitations of SMEs and the competitive barriers (financial, commercial, organizational, economic ones) they meet, especially when facing foreign markets.

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CUBIT. C​ubus project, co-financed under Tuscany POR FESR 2014-2020