Pick Parking

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Parking sharing  made smarter
Cubit experience and innovation in PickParking.Pick Parking News

It is an innovative system for parking space sharing, especially designed for the American and North-European markets. In fact, only recently in Italy, some interest is raising around the issue of lack of parking spaces in the cities and the concept of  a “shareable city”.

Parking is a great problem in our cities. PickParking actually increases the global availability of parking spaces, adding private ones offered by private owners during the hours/days/periods when they don’t need them. This creates interesting profitable opportunities for the owners.

PickParking is a simple but revolutionary idea: a system that brings together those looking for parking and those who have one free place to offer. Unlike the existing Apps, PickParking is the only 100% reliable parking space sharing system  as it combines a free App with a physical wireless sensor installed on a car stall.
An innovative product that allows saving precious time as well as reducing fuel consumption and therefore air pollution in our cities.
In the coming weeks, Cubit will launch PickParking with a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.


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