Data analysis

In this context, the CCFD Group has specialized both in the Analysis of signals using time-frequency techniques based on wavelet and Hilbert transform, and both on the processing of the output data, both from numerical field as well as than experimental testing campaigns.

In particular it has been developed a procedure, in Fortran language, to obtain the complete analysis of a signal. The analytical routines in fact provides not only the Fourier spectrum of the signal, but also allows you to extract the Wavelet Ridge and acquire the map of the wavelet transform, plotting thus in a single plot the quantities of Frequency, Time and Energy of the signal analyzed. The importance of the Wavelet maps’ analysis lies in a better understanding of unstable phenomena and not only, which may occur in the engineering industry.

The CCFD group also has experience in analytical routines created for the analysis of the data, for the realization of control surfaces and unmanned simulators, etc.

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