The direct knowledge of Unmanned, increased and reinforced over the years, has led Prof. Ing. G. Lombardi to be present, under invitation by Finmeccanica, at the Conference with Barsanti and Matteucci Award, held in Pietrasanta, with the work ”Technological evolution impact on UAV’’ and to be Member of the jury of the international Competition for Micro Drones organized by the DGA (France) and dall’Onera.

Nowadays the development of unmanned aircraft plays an increasingly important role as they allow to patrol situations characterized by a high hazard to human life and explore areas inaccessible or impervious, flying at low altitude.

The CCFD group is involved in multiple design phases of the same (from theoretical study, to performance analysis up to implementation and flight test), to respond better to research needs in this area, “the small on  Unmanned it is essential!”.

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