What it is
Nuvap is a system for monitoring  the main sources of indoor pollution that can threaten health our health over time. The system consists of a device for the continuous and joint monitoring of pollutants and a dedicated platform for processing the data. Internationally patented, Nuvap system is unique and among the most technologically advanced on the market.Nuvap

How it works

Thanks to its sensors, the device is able to detect up to 26 different
• High and low frequency electromagnetic fields
• Radon gas
• Ionizing radiation
• Wi-Fi
• Carbon monoxide (CO)
• Methane (CH4)
• Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
• Formaldehyde
• Smoke
• Air quality (H2, LPG, Alcohol, NH3, Ethanol, Toluene)
• Particulate Matter (PM10)
• Water quality (Chlorine, Hardness, Alkalinity, Ph, Nitrite and Nitrate)
• Noise pollution
• Temperature
• Humidity

How It Works

The sensors integrated in the device continuously monitors the environmental quality parameters and transmits them to Nuvap platform. According to the model, the data collected can be viewed real-time remotely via dedicated App, sending notifications if the parameters exceed safety limits, or are otherwise provided in the form of reports for measurements (six consecutive days of environmental check-up).


Nuvap monitoring system finds application both at the home and at work, allowing you to know in real-time the quality of the environment in a reliable, simple and intuitive way.


  • Unique Sensors Set-up: nonother device in the market integrating such a variety of sensors
  • Easy-to-use: plug&go device, intuitive set-up, di configurazione intuitiva, user-friendly App
  • Design
  • Made in Italy: the device has been 100% designed by Cubit.

Business Partner

CUBIT. C​ubus project, co-financed under Tuscany POR FESR 2014-2020