CDB-6 PLUS – Ticket vending machine and On-Board Computer

What is that?

CDB-6 PLUS - Ticket vending machine and On-Board Computer

CDB-6 PLUS is designed to perform the following functions:

  • driver console;
  • on board computer;
  • localizing;
  • validation;
  • ticket emitting;
  • communication.


Thanks to the presence of its processors and its embedded peripherals, CDB-6 PLUS performs also the functions of an on-board computer and black box.

CDB-6 PLUS can be directly integrated with ET – The Easy Ticketing AEP AFCS software and other on board AEP devices.


CDB-6 PLUS offers a wide choice of CPUs, Linux, Windows or Android operating system and color capacitive projected touch screen. Available also in box version, without displays for on-board computer only applications. For countries with left-hand drive, the physically-mirrored UK version can be supplied.

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CDB-6 PLUS - Ticket vending machine and On-Board Computer

Technical features

  • driver display 640×480 16M color touch screen capacitive projected
  • user display 2 lines x 16 characters x 8mm + 3 x LED 10×20 mm
  • ticket printing graphic thermal printer
  • CPU Cortex A8 (ARM-11) @ 1GMHz / iMX25 (ARM-9) @450 MHz
  • central memory 128 / 512M byte
  • mass memory 4G byte SD included
  • Contactless smart card ISO 14443A-B 15693, Calypso, MIFARE, DesFIRE, Felica, e-NFC, ecc.
  • SAM modules up to 4
  • interfaces 3 x RS-232 /RS-485, Ethernet, USB, digital I/O, odometer;
  • fast mounting support
  • internal accessories GPRS/UMTS, Wi-Fi, accelerometer, gyrocompass
  • external accessories GPS, port replicator/expander, 16 port Ethernet switch etc.
  • power supply 18÷32 V CC / DC
  • dimensions 253L(W) x 193P(D) x 140A (H) mm
  • weight 1,9 kg
  • temperature range -20 +60°C
  • homologations “e” (95/54/CE)

Watch the demo video

CUBIT. C​ubus project, co-financed under Tuscany POR FESR 2014-2020