What is that?UDOO

UDOO is a mini PC that can work either with Android or Linux, and it integrates an “embedded” Arduino 2.

UDOO is a very powerful board, based on Dual or Quad core ARM Cortex-A9 CPU with high performance on Android and Linux operating system and an ARM processor dedicated for GPIO.

UDOO is a collective work of a multidisciplinary team spread between North America and Europe, with expertise in “interaction design”, embedded electronics and sensor networks.

UDOO is a cooperative project between Seco, one of Cubit Members, and Aidilab, with the aim of developing an innovative product for a growing market.


  • UDOO combines the capabilities of Arduino and Raspberry together in an innovative product for the DIY and the Educational market.
  • UDOO aims to train a new generation of engineers, designers and software developers specializing in digital technology: physics processing, multimedia arts, interactive arts, IoT, etc.
  • UDOO finds several applications in the world of “DIY”
  • UDOO is an effective tool for rapid prototyping.

UDOO is an Open Source project both for hardware and software. Diagrams, drawings, 2D/3D, Kernel and sources are available to the community in order to improve and extend UDOO features and capabilities.

UDOO was funded through a very successful campaign on Kickstarter. The initial goal was achieved in the first 40 hours and the project was supported by 4,172 backers.


CUBIT. C​ubus project, co-financed under Tuscany POR FESR 2014-2020