The Umi Sci-Ed Project at the Internet Festival in Pisa

Monday, 15 October 2018

The Umi Sci-Ed project was presented at the Internet Festival in Pisa on 11th October 2018 with the seminar “God is in the Details – From UMI Technologies to new learning techniques aimed at training new makers starting from Communities of Practice “(Course for teachers recognized by MIUR).

The event’s aim was to stimulate new collaboration processes between schools, universities, research institutions and companies in order to enhance the importance of  balancing knowledge and expertise in the Internet of the Future developments, which are increasingly oriented towards a People’s Internet, and new actual processes rather than just connecting physical entities (smart objects) or virtual entities (cyberspace).

In an age of “clouding”, “virtualization” and “softwarization” of “everything” (Internet of Everything), students of learning have highlighted how the effectiveness of a process that should represent a continuity between the pre-school phases and long-life learning (continuous training), could increase drastically by the adoption of the Community of Practice (already adopted at international level and within large organizations). The words of Confucius, who lived over 2500 years ago: “I listened and I forgot, I saw and I remembered, I did and I understood”, express an intuition scientifically documented today by the most recent theories of learning: “to do” boosts the effectiveness of every learning process. Despite this evidence, we tend, however, nowadays, to debase any practical action as “trivial implementing activity” with respect to the theoretical part.

The event illustrated cases of value and skills building based on the application of UMI technologies and the “best practices” carried out with some schools in Tuscany, which allowed all interested parties to become part of the Communities of Practice created within the project. Luca Tavant, Cubit, presented the hardware tools used in the project.

Below a list of the speakers:

– Prof. Antonio Aiello (Psychologist, Professor UNIPI, Dept. Political Sciences)
– Eng. Giuseppe Caruso (Professor at the “Leonardo da Vinci” ITIS -Technical School in Pisa)
– Dr. Daniela Di Santo (Psychologist and Pedagogist)
– Prof. Stefano Giordano (Full Professor UNIPI Dept. of Information Engineering)
– Eng. Daniele Mazzei (Zerynth and Researcher UNIPI Dept. of Computer Science)
– Prof. Stefano Mazzantini (Vice Dean at the “Leonardo da Vinci” ITIS – Technical School in Pisa)
– Eng. Francesco Oppedisano (NetResults)
– Eng. Luca Tavanti (FW and SW Development Manager IoT Systems, Cubit European Projects Technical Manager)
– Eng. Marialaura Tamburello (Research Fellow UNIPI Dept. of Information Engineering)

CUBIT. C​ubus project, co-financed under Tuscany POR FESR 2014-2020